He should have known, and as soon as he’s read the messages he know’s he’s stuck, and there’s not much he can do. It’s not fair, he shouldn’t take the blame for his wrong doing, it’s not fair. Kicking the wall with his foot, his fists clench for a moment ; his hands then dragging over his features in fruatration. Why was this happening? He was doing it to protect him, and now there was nothing he could do. He loved him, he didn’t want to live without him, and he was so terrfied that now —He would have to, be forced to. Looking down at the messages again, and re-reading them, his brows furrow a tad, teeth tugging on his bottom lip as he thinks what he can say back in response. 

[ text ] : You're an idiot.
[ text ] : What am I meant to do now? Wait, and watch? What did they say to you?
[ text ] : Well you're not going to if you get arrested are you? I won't be able to do anything if you go to prison
[ text ] : fine, fuck. fine.
[ text ] : I'm trying to do what will keep us apart for the shortest amount of time, Lucas.
[ text ] : I'm the most prepared for prision anyway. I've been beat up before, raped, hurt, anything that happens to me in prison won't be new to me
[ text ] : even though I doubt I'll even go there, but just incase... there is no way I'm letting you go somewhere where you might get hurt like that

Tyler looked up as a man started walking towards him. He quickly typed in a final message to Lucas before putting his phone in his pocket.

[ text ] : i have to go, no matter what happens to me right now, I love you so much to the moon and back, you are the absolute love of my life and that is never going to change, you know that right? There's never been anyone that made me feel the way you do, you are my world.

He stood up and faced the man, with a straight face, ready to be judged and see what they were going to say to him. He took a deep breath in as the man turned, before following him. He knew that whatever he said now would determine the rest of his life. It was a scary thought and he knew he should be thinking of what he should say, but all he could think about was Lucas at home worrying about him. He felt sick, he wished this didn’t have to happen but if he hadn’t done this, it would have been Lucas they were knocking on the door looking for.


Of course he was going to come and find him, he wasn’t okay with Tyler taking the blame for something he did. As soon as he’s read the note, a sigh enrolls from his lips and he’s standing up ; paper in one hand, picking up his car keys and quickly getting into  the car, and hastily making his way down to the police station. He wasn’t a coward, he’d tell the truth if he had to, and it was becoming clear to him that he’d have to. Grtting his phone out once he was outside, he quickly tapped a text to him, biting down on his lip as his heart raced with in the confines of his chest. 

[ text ] : if you go through with this, i'll tell the truth. 
[ text ] : i'm going in there now. i'll tell them /everything/

Gulping thickly, he moves out of the vehicle moving outside of the building, he begins to tap his foot eagerly against the concrete beneath him. He’ll wait five minutes, then he’ll go in, and he’ll be honest. That’s all thre is to it.

By the time Tyler felt the vibrations against his leg, he had already told his fake story to the police and was sitting in the main room of the station while the police filed in the reports. He’d already told them that his boyfriend had told him he’d try take the blame because there was no way he was going to lose Lucas for twenty-five years, not when he knew that he would never find someone he loved more than the feathery haired man. He pulled out his phone and sighed, he had hoped for once Lucas would listen to him and let him do what he knew was going to work, but deep down he had known he would come.

[ text ] : I already told them everything. The truth they need to hear
[ text ] : if you go in there and tell them that you killed them, they'll either not believe you because I told them not to
[ text ] : or they'll believe you and lock you up, then lock me up for lying to the police.
[ text ] : please don't do this, Lucas. I need to be able to wake up next to you every morning and have you bring me that tea you're so good at making when I have a cold
[ text ] : you can't expect me to go twenty-five years without kissing you and making love with you... please, Lu.

Can’t sleep :(

Graham had wanted this tattoo done for as long as he could remember, and finally Carter had some free time in the shop to be able to do it for him. So there he was, making his way to the shop, grinning as he opened the doors to see the love of his life sitting at the front desk. He instantly walked behind the desk and wrapped his arms around the boy. “Hey baby. You ready?”


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Tyler knew that Lucas wouldn’t be happy with him for what he was about to do, but there was no way he was going to let Lucas go to prison for this. He couldn’t lose him for that long, if Lucas was caught, he would get a twenty-five year sentence… if Tyler came forward and said it was self defence, and showed his bruises and scars as evidence, he could potentially get out with no jail time, but if he did get jail time, it would be no where near the twenty five year sentence. So that’s how he found himself at the police station that night while Lucas slept, nervously sitting in one of the interrogation rooms admitting his wrong doing for a crime he never committed. If Lucas woke up and read his note, he hoped he wouldn’t come and try hand himself in.

Dear Lucas,

                       I have gone to the police station to hand myself in for killing that man. I don’t want you to try come and change your mind because I will lie as much as it takes me to keep you out of jail. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I knew you were in jail for life for killing a man to keep me safe. You don’t deserve that kind of life, Lu. Besides, if everything works out, I won’t even be charged with murder and I’ll be able to get off with self defence. Lu, I can’t live a life without you and no matter what happens to me tonight, there is no way it will keep me away from you as long as you going to jail would. When you see this, chuck it out and keep moving on with your life, I probably won’ t even be gone for more than a day.

                                                                                          I love you,


toothpaste kisses || porter&dakota


"Do they taste just as delicious as the sprinkle version?" He questioned, raising his eyebrows at him. Grinning at the boy, Porter chuckled quietly, curling into him for a moment to cuddle into him before allowing himself to untangled from the boy at his own request. "You’re not bad at explaining things, babe. But.. fine…" he murmured, pushing the blankets off his body. Porter could feel the goosebumps forming on her arms, the cold of the room on his bare skin. "What do you wanna watch?" He asked, slowly reaching for the remote to switch the TV on.

Dakota smiled as they got out of the bed, enjoying the view for a few moments. “We can watch anything… something funny and romantic.” He said before taking their bowls and starting to walk downstairs, quickly washing the bowls up and putting them away so he could get back up to his boyfriend. Once he was back in the room, he slowly started to strip off so he could get comfortable in the bed with Porter. “Chosen something?”

Come Save Me | Dakota & Porter


Porter tugged his hand out of Dakota’s reach, his jaw clenched and eyes narrowed at the group of boys. “There it is again, fucking hell, you assholes think you’re so cool throwing around those shitty words? You’re just being homophobic shitheads.” He spat, having to tug his hand from Dakota’s grasp again. “I swear to god, if I hear you shits have been bothering him again, I will not hesitate to come down here and fuck you all up, so keep your goddamned mouths shut for christ sake.” Porter spun around, his hand now reaching for Dakota’s as he stalked away from the group of boys. If he stuck around too long, allowing them time to reply with more nasty slurs, Porter was going to hit them, and he knew Dakota really didn’t want that. “Fucking assholes,” he muttered, shaking his head as he tugged Dakota away.

Dakota watched as Porter shouted at the boys, he was holding his breath, unable to force his lungs to bring in air as his boyfriend faced the bullies that had been tormenting Dakota for years. No one, not even his parents had ever stuck up for hi against them before. Before he knew what was happening, Porter had taken Dakota’s hand and started tugging him out of the school. Dakota didn’t know if that blow up would change anything, but he had a feeling that because Porter was older, they may just back off, even just a little bit. Dakota looked up at Porter as they made their way to Porter’s car. “Y-You didn’t have to do that.”

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